Welcome to Yet Another Opinionated Blog

[[This blog was originally located elsewhere. The owners decided to discontinue it and I hate to have things go to waste, so we’re resurrecting it here. This post was the first of that original blog. Enjoy!]]

So. Joseph, what does “That Think You Do” mean? What’s this blog about?

Ah…good questions, these.

For those who know nothing about me (and lucky you are), I have a few other blogs (listed, I hope, on the left somewhere. I’m still learning how to use this theme).

But this blog, That Think You Do, is going to be different for me and (I hope) for you. I’d like to start sharing how to use the research NextStage does in your life.

I mean, really, explaining how women think to men in a business presentation is something that gets tired really quick.

But explaining to men why women think the way they do — oh heck — how about explaining to men why men think the way they do…

That I’m thinking will be fun.

Don’t you?

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